Minority Entrepreneurship Marketplace

These companies are talking minority entrepreneurship to a whole new level.

Michael Maponga | Founder & CEO

Category: Media Technology

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Product: The “Netflix or Disney+ of Pan African Content”, AfroLandTV offers an online streaming TV platform for Pan African TV shows and movies

Social Impact: Provides black filmmakers with incredible stories a platform to showcase their films and TV shows to a global audience

Results: Backed by Techstars & NBC Comcast Universal • Selected as a top international media startup by the European Film Market • Completed Tech Wildcatters Accelerator

Salisa Berrien | Founder & CEO

Category: Energy Tech

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Product: Digital energy management platform that detects and eliminates energy waste in buildings and repurposes that waste for good

Social Impact: Reduces energy waste by improving trust and engagement between utilities and businesses

Results: 250+ commercial and industrial customers • Approved market participant in NYISO, CA-ISO, PJM grid operators • 100% customer retention

Angel Ramirez | CO-Founder & CEO

Category: B2B software platform as a service

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Delray Beach, Florida

Product: NoOps cloud platform effortlessly manages distributed cloud Kubernetes resources

Social Impact: Pioneering translation of software standards into Spanish, over 800 engaged to-date

Results: First and only company in FL to be a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and Kubernetes Training Partner • 5 clients and 13 potential customers waiting for demo-ready product to move forward

Nick Turner | Founder & CEO

Category: Technology

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana

Product: App facilitates delivery for products sold on online marketplaces (Facebook, Craigslist, etc.)

Social Impact: Makes online marketplace transactions safer

Results: 2000+ deliveries and 250+ drivers • 700+ users in 6 cities • Indy Star's 2nd most popular tech company • Two-time TechPoint MIRA award nominee

Marcus Cooksey | Founder & CEO

Category: B2B Technology

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Product: Automated accounting and bookkeeping for Owner Operators in the trucking industry

Social Impact: Empowers small businesses by demystifying bookkeeping with the use of technology

Results: Over 3500 downloads with 50 paid subscribers since launch • Two accounting firms signed to use Duke.AI

Bryan Young | Co-Founder & CEO

Category: Fintech

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

Product: Independent, AI-powered mortgage advisor within a blockchain ecosystem that creates more transparent process for borrowers

Social Impact: Removes bias by anonymizing customer through blockchain technology

Results: 19,000 beta testers • 12% purchased homes • 83% borrower experience approval rating • Backed by Flagstar Bank

Jada McLean | Co-Founder & CEO

Category: Fintech

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: South Bend, Indiana

Product: Matches single-family rental investor properties to families that want to own their home in a modified rent-to-own contract

Social Impact: Increase home ownership

Results: 5 families placed • 100% payments received on time • 27 waitlisted buyers

Mandy Price | Co-Founder & CEO

Category: B2B Technology

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: South Bend, Indiana

Product: Analytics platform aimed at monitoring, analyzing, and addressing diversity and inclusion challenges

Social Impact: Drives systemic change by benchmarking D&I programs to help reveal systemic bias and provides actionable insights to improve inclusion

Results: Customers include AT&T, Dallas Mavericks • Featured in Forbes, CNBC, and Business Insider • $1.5M raised to date

Dr. Tommy Shavers | Founder & CEO

Category: Health & Wellness App

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

Product: Neuro strength training mobile app

Social Impact: Improvements to mental and cognitive strength of users

Results: Selected for Lake Nona Accelerator Harvard Neuro-Nanotechnology research partnership • A variety of preliminary partnerships, including collegiate eSports, Chicago White Sox, NFL Alumni Association, and Bundesliga

Courtney & Tye Caldwell | Co-Founders

Category: Online Marketplace

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas

Product: First B2B mobile marketplace for stylists to manage and grow their small businesses on their terms, starting with space to work

Social Impact: Empowers small businesses by allowing salon and barbershop owners to fill their empty chairs and gives independent stylists economic mobility

Results: 12,000+ jobs supported to date • Expansion into more than 600 cities • Co-winner of Google Demo Day 2018

Dre Muhammad | Founder & CEO

Category: Performance Athletic Training

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Product: Equip athletes (primarily amateurs and youth aged 9-18) physically and mentally for success through best-in-class personal instruction, club teams, and camps.

Social Impact: Unlock human potential in athletics and society

Dennis Cail | Co-Founder & CEO

Category: Fintech

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Product: Relationship-based social lending app that simplifies loans between friends, family, and trusted relationships with automatic ACH loan payments

Social Impact: Creates financially inclusive world by mobilizing loans between friends and family

Results: Over 100k registered users • $57M in loans processed to date • 60% month-over-month growth rate • Partners include AT&T and Toyota